Known as the „Grain of Life” or the “Hungry Rice”, Fonio has more nutritional value than most other grains. Fonio is traditionally prepared as a breakfast cereal. However, it can also be prepared like couscous, used in salads or stews, and eaten as a side dish. It is rich in zinc, calcium and magnesium.


Health Benefits : Fonio is 100% gluten-free and has a very low glycaemic index, controls diabetes. It contains heart-healthy vitamins, minerals, methionine and helps strengthen hair and nails. Fonio also helps to prevent anemia, detoxes the liver, provides energy and builds strong bones and teeth.

Purified Shea Butter- Raw Shea Butter- Natural Cocoa Butter- Natural Cocoa Powder- black soap- Organic Virgin Coconut Oil (cold pressed)- Pure Ginger, Moringa, Cinnamon, and Lime Oil (essential oils)- Annatto Seeds
- Moringa Seeds and Leafs- Griffonia Simplicifolia- Hibiscus Leafs, among others- coffee beans- cocoa beans- Organic Brown Rice- Peanuts- Soybeans
- vegetable oil- palm oil- sesame seeds- palm kernel- White Fonio Flour (for baking)
All organic food is available from 2020 on at XO-Solution, Made in Ghana